Think of me as your

Elopement   Guide

because I will not be
just your photographer



I am Patrizia !!

If you are looking for a passionate and crazy photographer, you are in the right place.

I’m a lover of wild couples who are looking for an alternative elopement to experience. My record fastest time to help a couple plan their elopement is 7 days, from initial inquiry to being here and getting married. So you have nothing to worry about, I’m here to help you create the most incredible elopement ever!

I fell in love so much with elopements that I decided to do it myself on a volcano in Lanzarote. Europe elopement photographer.

I am your…



Eloping  feels  genuine, authentic  and  free

Meet Josema

Husband , Videographer, Second Shooter & the best travel companion

Hello everyone!

I’m Josema, Patrizia’s husband, elopement photographer and airline pilot.

I am a lover of travel, good food and crazy adventures.

When I’m not in the clouds, I travel with Patrizia all over Europe to realize the elopement of our couples’ dreams.
In the past years I lived in London , Edimburgh, Greece, Sicily (South of Italy) and Florida!

Would you like to know something more about how we met?

It’s something pretty funny and modern but every year we find more couples that met like us!

We met on Tinder! While Patrizia was studying Spanish in Madrid and she was searching people with whom practise the language.


After the proposal in Santorini, I started to imagine how I wanted to live my wedding day with Josema. What better way, if not to take two flight tickets to the Canaries, with a few close friends and family, and enjoy our elopement in a wild place having fun and living an experience that was 100% us.
It was unique! We personalized every detail: the ceremony, our handmade wedding rings and all the experiences we lived.
There was no stress… Just the two of us, our love and a wild adventure to live at the bottom of a Volcano.

Curious questions about Patrizia

What my favourite drink?

Even if I am Italian I don’t drink Coffee! I love Tea, white sparkling wine and sparkling water

What languages I speak?

I speal English, Italian , Spanish, Portuguese and Polish

Favourite series?

Breaking Bad , Mr Robot & Fringe.

I love Sci-Fi series and films!!!

What can’t you leave the house without?

A bottle of water and a burrocacao

Favorite food?

I love Gelato, Pizza, Sushi and so many other!!!